For Advisors

Working with the Community Foundation ensures that you can continue to manage your clients’ assets and, at the same time, meet your clients’ tax and charitable goals.

You will work with local leaders you know and trust, and you will be connecting your clients with a trusted leader in the philanthropic field.

The Community Foundation’s affiliation with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, allows you to work with a partner nationally recognized for its ability to handle challenging charitable transactions.

Instantly, you and your client will have access to a staff of professionals who will make sure each charitable investment provides the greatest emotional, civic and financial benefit possible.



The Financial Advisor Program is a win-win for everyone involved, creating a significant and positive impact for your clients’ charitable causes.

Financial Advisors can:

  • Retain their clients’ charitable assets at their financial institution and continue to manage their clients’ charitable giving vehicles.
  • Convert non-managed client assets, such as real estate, closely-held interests, businesses, personal property and art into charitable dollars that the advisor will manage.
  • Offer clients a value-added service by connecting them to the best charitable giving product on the market.

Identifying Clients Who Qualify

Candidates for this program might:

  • Plan to sell a private company;
  • Have high capital gains tax exposure;
  • Be in a “transition” phase of life — empty nest, retirement, involved in estate planning;
  • Want a charitable tax deduction now with the flexibility to make distributions in the future;
  • Want to grow their contributions tax-free over time;
  • Have a desire to give something back to their community; and/or
  • Want to leave a legacy for future generations.