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How a fund works

Funds can range in size from just a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. Anyone with an interest in charitable giving can participate.

Investment Program

Two ways to participate:

You may choose to have your trusted financial advisor manage your fund.


You may select your own mix using one or more of the Community Foundation’s investment pools, which include Alternative Investment, Equity, Fixed Income, and Money Market.

Fund investment philosophy

The responsibility for managing the Community Foundation’s investment portfolio is vested in the Foundation’s Board of Directors, which works in partnership with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation to invest and manage funds to meet donors’ wishes.  The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation is nationally recognized for its team of investment advisors who work with the foundation and its partners to set policy, establish performance benchmarks and continually monitor the performance of the portfolio it manages against these policies and benchmarks.

The Franklin County Community Foundation’s investment philosophy, in concert with the Kansas City Foundation, reflects three fiscal objectives:

  • Preserve capital
  • Earn competitive total returns within risk tolerances established by the Community Foundation
  • Preserve purchasing power by striving for long-term returns, which either match or exceed the annual grant distribution requirement, fees and inflation

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